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Why volkswagen very expensive for its class?

I know volkswagen is not lexus, Acura or BMW. But I test drove one and it is very expensive for what it is.|||I agree they are overpriced. I have a BMW and love it.|||I have driven/owned several makes of cars. Toyota, Honda, Ford and a Mazda or two.

Like you, I thought VW was expensive. Then a few years ago, my brother bought a GTI. He let me drive it.

Love at 1st drive! It took me a year to make the jump but I finally got one of my own. I have never regretted it. In fact , I now drive a 2006 GTI. These cars are bullet-proof. Of course I shopped around and compared others. It may seem VW is high, but when you compare value, 1st in class interior, and attention to detail, VW comes out a bargain.

Honestly, when I compared the 'bottom line' price of the GTI against the Honda and Mazda I was considering, they all were within just $100s different.

The GTI has proven to be a fantastic curve-hugging, rev-happy , durable car.

Oh, and dont believe the Myth that VW parts prices are higher than others. I had a headlite bulb go out. Called the VW dealer for price; $8. I was at Wal-mart and checked their price;$8. Just out of curiosity, I looked at the prices of bulbs for Toyota and Honda; all were $8 . This is just 1 example of many , so Ive done my homework and the Myth is Busted!

BTW , my 06 GTI only cost me $24k tax included. The least expensive BMW I looked at was $33k. I would have loved to get the BMW, but it was just not in my budget.|||I don't have the #s to give you, but you should see the union benefits they get in Germany. Spa's, massages etc. I work harder, get paid less and have to pay for my own benefits. If unions employees got paid like the rest of us the price would come down and people would buy more cars. No! During hard time all around the world they want to strike for more??? Go figure. And yes I own a 1996 BMW R1100GS bike. Damn good quality from them.|||While VWs can seem expensive they really are nice quality cars. They are extremely reliable and unlike a Lexus, Acura, Or Bmw they are extremely cheap to maintain.|||VW fancies themselves a "premium" brand. That's about it.

Do you have a page on where i can find a used short block or piston for 1993 volkswagen eurovan 2.5 liter?

I have a 1993 volkswagen eurovan 2.5 liter 5 cylinder engine code is : AAF. I am trying to find the pistons for my engine, but nobody has them. Everyone tells me the only way I can find a good complete used short block. Actully my block is OK the only problem I have are the pistons. Can someboby tell me if the audi 5 cylinder of the diesel uses the same size of my pistons or any type of car? I would appreciate if someone would help me thank you.|||ebay i had sum trubil finding pistons for my car i fond thim on ebay for .05$ a nickel plus 11.50 shiping|||http://www.europarts-sd.com/

Steve is da man.

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|||try craigslist.org

How many miles would a 2005 volkswagen jetta gls last me?

Im thinking about buying a 2005 volkswagen jetta gls and i just wanna know how many miles can i expect it to last before i start having some serious problems|||i just put a motor in my 96 ...only because i needed to put in a transmission, it ran great with 170,000 i only changed it because i got a great deal with the trans. 50,000 miles for $900.|||i own a 05 jetta tdi, at least until the lease is up in nov, when i will be getting the new 09 tdi . I have 156 k on it, and the total cost as been about 750.00 to repairs, not bad for a car with that much mileage, the brake pads haven't even needed to be changed. As to your question, xpect at least 250 k out of the car,just do oil changes and any regular maintenance, about 150k, check that your belt is ok, and replace if needed, if it goes when your driving, you will have a a serious valve prob, get the car you will be happy..|||A diesel will likely last longer than a gas one.

I drive a 1999 VW Jetta GLS TDI (i.e. diesel), and it has 177,000 miles on it. I've heard of others getting 300k out of them. I've had a lot of small problems with it (replacing sensors that say whether doors/trunk are open, etc.) but nothing major.|||I'd guess about 100,000 miles if it has under 50k miles on it

How much is a used volkswagen bug?

Can anybody tell me how much a used volkswagen bug is?? Please (: thankyaaa!|||Just bid $1

What is the difference between skoda and volkswagen?

people say that skoda is a branch of volkswagen started in Czechoslovakia. is it true?

volkswagen is equal to skoda?|||Set up in the late 1800s, Skoda (a Czech Republic based car manufacturer) was one of the oldest car companies in the world. The company and its cars had enjoyed considerable repute in the first half of the 1900s. However, its fortunes turned after the Second World War, when it first came under Nazi control and was later nationalized by the Czechoslovakian government. By the 1980s, Skoda cars had lost track of the technological advancements in the West, and were widely derided for their poor quality and unreliability. In 1991, Volkswagen acquired a stake in Skoda. Following this, Volkswagen went about systematically transforming Skoda's image and establishing it as a reliable mass market car brand.

Even in India, Volkswagen is using Skoda's plant to roll out it's cars...|||Better quality and lower price. So, built by VW but not equal. From 2007:

German automaker Volkswagen (VOWG) is wielding a secret bullet to challenge rivals Toyota (TM) and General Motors (GM) in global markets鈥攁nd it isn't a new small car. It's VW's Czech-built Skoda cars. Lower-priced and higher-quality than similar models built by Volkswagen, Skoda's automobiles are driving a global growth jag, with sales up 13.2% in the first half of 2006. "Skoda has become the true Volkswagen (people's car)," says Commerzbank (CBKG) auto analyst Albrecht Denninghoff.|||See. Skoda is a division of a Volkswagon but I think personally Volkswagon is a better car company as it has cars and models ranging for all prices and usage whereas skoda has only few cars to suit you. My uncle recently bought a skoda Superb and a Volkswagon Jetta. As we know, both are almost of the same price range and usage. But he liked his Jetta better than his Skoda as bcoz of its low maintainence and better quality.

I hope I helped you out.|||not more than names

How do you take a standard head unit out a volkswagen mk2 jetta?

I have a 1989 mk2 Volkswagen Jetta and it has a standard head unit, how do I take the head unit out with standard tools?|||yeah well metric of course,Putting it back on you will need a torque wrench.

Can I use a Universal Magnaflow catalytic converter for my Volkswagen?

I have a Volkswagen Jetta, year = 2000, mileage = 140,000, cylinders = 4, engine = 2.0, it has the "check engine" sign and I need to pass inspection.|||Yes, if it's for a Volkswagen. There are many types of universals. And if you're having a shop install it. Universals almost never bolt right up.|||Yes in 49 states. No in California.